Monday, December 29, 2014

~*Looking Back and Looking Ahead*~

A Look Back:

Twas a good year physically and a tough year spiritually and emotionally. However, all those struggles have already begun to produce good fruit in my life.  

Physically, I have lost a bunch of weight (update soon), ran my first 5K with Sunshine, and realized I am stronger than I think I am. 

Spiritually, I struggled because I had no plan. I am a planner and need accountability to stay on track. The farther I got into the year the more desperate I felt, and eventually, I gave up. I stopped reading the Word, I stopped my long conversations with Him that go on all day and well into the night. 

Emotionally, I had to grieve. We had a very difficult loss in January that I have never spoken about publicly. You would think after so many losses I would be use to it but each and every single one should be fully grieved. Come October we had to grieve again when we realized we could not bring home our little guy. How broken I still am over that!

  Looking Ahead:

  Physical: I am signed up for a 5K in March and there are several more I would like to do. I am eying a 10K but I won't know until March whether or not I will physically be able to make it or not. I will update my goals/schedule tab at the top of the blog soon.

Spiritual: I was so blessed to begin reading through the Run for God: Devotions. This is transforming my relationship with the Lord. 

Memorizing bible verses is one of my goals this year with the help of making a VOW , which you can buy {here} (review coming soon). I still need to make my VOW board!
Not my board!

Emotional: The is only one goal I want to set under this category and that is to deal with some of my biggest stressors! Clutter and paper chaos are at the top of that list. I use to make too many goals each year and I failed in all of them. Less is more. Taming the paper chaos and purging our house are the only goals this year.  

How was your 2014?
What are your 2015 goals? 


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  1. Thank you for your honest and heart felt description of your year!


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