Wednesday, July 30, 2014

~*The New Love in My Life*~

I've been rather quiet on the bloggy front and that is simply because I have lost my blogging mojo. In other areas of my life I am finding new inspirations!

Last summer I discovered Bobbi Marie McCormick and completed several of her monthly Shred's. We went camping in August and when I got back I just never really got back into the workouts. In January I kicked myself for walking away from what was a good match for me. The workouts were working and I enjoyed them.

I restarted the Shreds in Feb. and have consistently been working through them. I added running back in a few weeks ago and signed up for a 5K race. Dude, it was the COOKIE 5K! I was SOOO there! 

Through all the setbacks, frustrations, tight and sore muscles I am learning something about myself. 

I love to sweat and like to talk about my workouts in detail with my tribe of people that really don't care for the details! ~wink~ Sweat is not an appealing thing for them to talk about!

I love being outside and am noticing that some of my children will only be outside for an extended period of time unless I am out there, too.

I signed Sunshine up for the 5K, also, when he expressed an interest. He struggled a bit during our runs leading up to the race and I was concerned he wouldn't be able to to it. 

When it came time to go, though, he totally ROCKED that race! We are not able to run the whole 3.1 miles, heck we aren't even up to a solid mile yet, but he was positive the whole time and really enjoyed our time together!
Early morning and nervous about our first race!

Waiting for the start!
Happy to be back home!

Sweaty victory!

Which cookie to pick??

We're looking forward to doing another one together!
Have you ever run a 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon...or an Iron Man? 

    2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

~*July Newsflash*~

In light of certain information, that has now been made available, I have retracted the previous blogpost. An update on the person in question can be found below. 

Kitty: Is doing fanstinkingtastic! She misses horsecamp! She'd move into the barn if she could! She is working on her social is par for the course for all kiddos at this age (12) she can be a bit antisocial. She's working on it and we sure do love seeing her sweet face and not a closed bedroom door! This past homeschool year was her best yet! We are grateful she didn't struggle and she has excelled in math. 


J.J. (11) thoroughly enjoyed basketball camp, even though he didn't really want to go this year. He struggled through every aspect of school work and is still trying to finish his math for 5th grade. He clams up whenever he is nervous about something, frustrated, sad, mad, etc...and it extends into his homework. This has made learning very difficult for him. We're grateful we can help him through this with the flexibility that homeschooling brings. 

Sunshine. Oh, Sunshine. (9) We thought we were making great leaps forward. Then we slammed into a HUGE wall. We do see some progress in how he handled things when we got the truth out of him. He still had a massive panic attack but he came down from it quicker and without holes in the wall. So, sister fell off the scooter and out of fear of being in trouble he lied and said some boy from down the road did it. As is typical for many RAD kiddos he was quite convincing in his lie. This is a very difficult time of parenting this child, who we still love and adore. Lies and deceptions are not moral issues for our RADiant one. That's the sad thing about RAD. Its about survival and not about matters of the heart. 

Dalton (7) is still giving us much vomit to clean up...we thought it was the Ditropan, nope. We thought it was heat related. Nope. Our Ped. thought it was Urosepsis and the antibiotics have not stopped his symptoms of headaches and vomiting. He's so emotional recently and I would be, also, if I were as sick as he's been. So much uncertainty about his health. 

Analina (7) is still unsure of so many things...we had a recent incident of very concerning behavior that is being addressed with the help of our therapist. She is reading now but is struggling with the fundamentals of basic math. When she "gets it" she zips right through it but the concepts are not cemented in, yet, and that makes retention difficult.

Peanut (4) is coming right along with her preschool work and she just learned to read, too! She is soaking up the reading lessons like a sponge because she hears the other two go through it so by the time I get to her its the third time for her hearing the same information. 
Couldn't get a good smile outta her. 

Asleep on her brother!

Donosaur (1) is trucking right along with the older ones. He truly believes he is one of the big ones! He had several heavy toys dropped on the same toe in the last few weeks and that poor nail is slowly coming off. He handles that stuff so well! He is showing many signs of being ready to potty train and I am looking forward to that. There isn't ever a great time to potty train a child (at least in our household) so in Sept I will work on it with him before the next season of surgeries begin for two of our children.
Caught with Mommy's laptop!
Good thing he's adorable!
Swinging like a big boy

Beautiful baby blues!

  Devin (no age given) is playing paintball monthly and hockey several times a month. He's much happier with his new position at work and received the best review he's ever had. He will be going back to college (again) this autumn via an online course through OSU (Oklahoma State University). It is a certificate fire protection program that it will complement his extensive knowledge of fire protection systems. 

A quick update on me will come later.....


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

~*And She Knew It Was Her Birthday*~

Birthday anxiety is extremely real and extremely severe for a few of my peeps, therefore, when one comes around we keep it to a dull roar with the celebrations. Analina isn't so good with the calendar, yet, and when her birthday came around on Wednesday we didn't do any big celebrations, as we were saving them for this weekend with family, we thought (heh heh) that she hadn't taken notice.

During our yearly tromp over to the East Side of Michigan for our former agency's picnic she introduced herself as having recently turned 7 last Wednesday. Girlfriend amazes me....nothing gets past her and she's always listening and taking it all in...and *never* assume your child doesn't know! *head smack* Duh! They know!
The Joy Boy was down for the count after Detroit's heat on Sat.
She chose a funky mixture of Man with the Yellow Hat, Curious George and Dora for her birthday theme. Many Asian girls have a thing for Dora....she looks surprisingly Asian....and Curious George is the only thing she would willingly sit down and watch during the first year home.

Man with the Yellow Hat cake...ugly but yummy!

Her sweetness was in full-on princess mode. She loudly told me in church, while sitting in the pew, "I'm ready for my gifts now!" She was incredibly bossy, attitudy, and controlling. We know and understand the act is to protect herself, however, it still hurt when she dumped off our gift and acted as if it had been drug through some cow manure. 
That is the look of a very mad child. Our gift of love was rejected.
And to secure our rejection and punishment she loved and adored her next gift. 

 Her birthday was like this last year...all the joy was sucked out of it for us....she pushes away the people she loves for fear that we won't remember her special day. To her the slimmest chance of all the worst things happening is reality in her mind. She does all she can to make them happen. My sweet girl will measure how much we love her based upon how many gifts she has, how big her cake and celebration are.

My hope is that at some point she will feel secure enough to know we truly love her and are committed to her. The hurt and pain are deep, often deeper than we ever realize. She will heal and in the end we know she'll be happy and secure, and while the journey is long and difficult, we get the blessing of seeing her bloom! 
Sweet smile hiding tons of fears.
 Job 11:18

You will be secure, because there is hope;
    you will look about you and take your rest in safety.