Wednesday, February 4, 2015

~*MyProtein Product Review*~

If y'all remember back to Nov. I was blessed to attend the Refresh Summit: South. It not only refreshed my soul and spirit but it refreshed my body as well; I went on to lose 30+ lbs in Nov/Dec.

At the Summit I was introduced to many brands and products that I wasn't familiar with. We appreciated their sponsorship of the Summit, as their partnership made the Summit's success possible! And, who doesn't love the freebies! 

I was recently contacted by one of the Sponsors to review their products.

MyProtein's go-to guy offered to send me whatever products I was interested in...unfortunately several of the items high on my list were out of stock ~bummer~.

Protein Powder Dietary Supplement 
in Chocolate, of course! 

Initial impression? 
But if you are not in a hurry and can make your shake, let it thicken in the fridge, and then consume it, the taste is so much better!

Honestly, I usually make, shake and drink so having to wait for the flavors to meld and the liquid to thicken was a bit of a downer but to be quite fair the shake was much better when left to sit. I imagine that adding a banana and the shake mix to the blender would greatly improve the taste.

Next up, Instant Oats:
The product in the link is not the item I tried and I cannot find the exact Instant Oats on their website. 

While this product did have the oatmeal texture you'd expect in a shake made of oatmeal it did *not* bother me a bit and actually tasted better than the Hurricane Extreme...this, too, was chocolate, of course! (The link is for unflavored). 

As a shake this was fine as is...but with a banana and run through the blender this would be spot on!

The benefits of protein after a workout are undeniable to replenish thy body. As a vegetarian, that happens to be carb cycling, I appreciate having an instant protein source made of the quality ingredients found in MyProtein.

What I learned: 

Patience is key with MyProtein products
Let 'em meld for a bit for maximum benefit (i.e. taste).

Oatmeal in a smoothie is not a deal breaker
The texture is just different...give it a try!

Trying new protein powders is scary for me....I am so picky about flavor! 

**Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by MyProtein. All opinions are my own**


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