Sunday, March 1, 2015

~*Are Medically Complex Children Bad for Siblings?*~

While we have been supported so wholeheartedly through this challenging medical season, there is a stirring in my heart that I think I need address. 

Why do this? 
Why put our other children through this?
Isn't it unfair to them?

Oh my, where do I begin? 

If you had a child born with some unexpected ailment, condition, or disease would you not move heaven and earth to see that your beautiful baby had the best care in the world? 

Of course, for the vast majority of my audience the answer is a resounding *YES*! You would never give up on that child until you had answers! 

When we chose to adopt we knew that we were adopting children that were a medical mystery. We said the same exact, YES, that you have said every time you added a homegrown kiddo to your family.

Yes, our China blessings are medically complex and the further we dig into the care they need the bigger the mystery seems to get. They are filled with fun and not so fun surprises. 

If I would not reject a homegrown babe why would I reject a heartgrown babe on the possibility of medical surprises?

The concept that this is unfair to our other children is just bogus.  This journey has taught our children invaluable lessons of compassion, attentiveness, true love and acceptance, how to advocate for needs and how to navigate the medical community.

Those character qualities and skills are invaluable. Setting aside all generic discussions here, we firmly believe that teaching all of our children the value of life, the value of *each* life, is a precious gift.

 No matter how desperate the situation, no matter how deep the pile of medical equipment, no matter how intricate the special need, each and every life is valuable. 

Luke 12:7
Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Day 1 (3.1 miles complete)

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