Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~*Praise Him in the Storm*~

I know we talk about praising HIM in the storm...well, there has been more beseeching and downright begging than praising, lately, to be completely honest.

When we stepped forward to adopt two medically complex children we knew they were a bit of a mystery, however, the amount of medical surprises has been, well, surprising!

After Dalton's headache/vomiting episode in February that ended with his first and, prayerfully last, seizure we knew that we would be fooling ourselves if we thought it would never happen again. I've been holding my breath a bit, lately, hoping that it wouldn't happen again so soon but the headaches are back. 

They are different now, despite his migraine and seizure medication, which makes everything seem new all over again. With medically complex children situations change so often and so quickly that security is an illusion.

~*Medical Trauma*~ 

I know that some physicians disagree that this even exists but I put them up there with those crazy coots who thought the earth was flat, they are just delusional! 

Trauma exists in all forms. From repeated events over a period of time to one isolate traumatic situation.

A freaky situation, like Dalton's seizure, with head injury, separation from mom for several hours, tests upon tests, extreme pain, etc can cause severe anxiety in children. 

For a child with past trauma to experience a new trauma is very difficult to work through. 

While I'm begging and pleading with my Lord to heal my kiddo of these ailments I am, also, clinging to those who have walked this road ahead of me to share their wisdom on helping my child through this painful and difficult time. 

Pray for the kid will ya???


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