Sunday, March 15, 2015

~*RAD: Scribble Scrabble*~

One universal trait of my RADiant blessings is the need to control. When Sunshine was 4 yrs old we began homeschooling him, along with brother J.J., and we kept it simple by utilizing workbooks because it took 2 solid years of repetition before he was age appropriate in academics.  Often, there would be coloring involved, and for Sunshine, this usually meant scribbling. 

At first it drove me nuts...I knew what this child was capable of, I knew how nicely he could color and it didn't look like scribble. After a bit of time I began to realize it was a need to control his situation and not an inability to be neat. While I wanted to allow him some control I still needed him to be able to color somewhat nicely for educational purposes. Honestly, we never did figure out the right solution for him, yet, eventually he outgrew it. 

My joy-boy, Dalton, will scribble, yet, his RAD is slight enough that we are able to require a "do over" and that usually solves the attitude. Analina, is so similar to Sunshine in behavior, at times, it is almost scary.

I pulled Sunshine aside and asked him if he remembered doing it and why. He cannot remember doing it but he said, even now, that he will be in middle of coloring and become angry because he just doesn't want to anymore and wants to be done RIGHT THEN, therefore, scribbling to be done sooner.

I want to teach my children from hard places to follow through with what they start and to do each task with their very best effort.

We give choices and options, where available, to our children so they feel they do have some control. Controlling is a cornerstone behavior for kids with RAD.

How do you give your children with RAD "control" without them being controlling? Giving choices and options where available? Other ideas and suggestions welcome! 

Titus 2:6
Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled.    

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