Friday, February 26, 2016

~*The Island*~ Vacay 2014 part 1

I haven't been on many islands in my lifetime but living in Michigan you'd think it was required to visit Mackinac Island at least once in your residency. For the uninitiated it is pronounced Mackinaw, rhymes with saw, do NOT rhyme Mackinac with shack...we like to be complicated around here, apparently!

So, we headed up to the Wilderness to park in the Pines for a week. We waited for the best weather of the week to visit the Island and we learned a few things...

1) Do your Island Eats research before you go! Feeding a big family is pricey and we did NOT set a budget for food nor did we really research the big family BUDGET friendly eateries. *Head-smack moment*

2) The Grand Hotel is a grand waste of money! $10 per person ($5 per kid) to walk around an incredibly crowded and NON-accessible hotel is not worth it. (Now if they'd included an ice cream cone or some yummy fudge it mighta been worth it.) It was lovely, yes, with great views, yes, and I really want to stay there sometime in my life after I win the lotto (which I never play!), but we wish we'd saved that money and used it for the Carriage tour

3) Kitty found her dream job! We realized that you can tour the island via horseback and she turned a lovely shade of green! She plans to move to the island and work with the horseback riding outfit and give tours or drive teams since she is learning to drive.

4) Go with friends! Our sweet friends with three amazing boys and twin babies they are fostering stayed in a hotel and met up with us for some fun times! We enjoyed doing things with them and having time to ourselves to do different things. It was quite relaxed and we just met up when it worked out for both our families. 

 We did the island for only one really requires several days to do all we wanted to do. We don't move fast to accommodate Ana-banana's needs but large families don't really move very quickly anyway, so next time we go we do plan on exploring more of the Island.

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