Saturday, February 27, 2016

~*Busting Big Famiy Myths*~

We're going to bust some big family myths today!

The older children raise the younger: 

Biggest myth (LIE) out there!

How many diapers did our oldest two children change in one month? On average, UNO! And that's just to keep them in practice. It is always handy if one of them can take a little to the bathroom if I am knee deep in homeschooling or changing out the laundry, however, it is not a requirement. Yes, they occasionally babysit the younger siblings for a few minutes here or there. I do not feel that aspect is any different in a small family vs. a large family. 

The older children homeschool our younger ones:

Very similar to jumping in to take a sibling to the bathroom, they may occasionally hop in and help out if I get a phone call or need to assist in the medical needs of our son with Spina Bifida. JJ loves math so he is always looking for ways to flex his mind muscles and Kitty just loves Language Arts so she readily steps in if that is the subject currently being covered.

They must be doing all the cleaning and cooking, right?

Wrong! Yes, they are in charge of one meal a day and we rotate which meal and which little one is the helper, but that doesn't mean their mom sits around all day eating bonbons! We firmly believe it is to their benefit to be able to find their way around a recipe or two. And, I prefer truffles to bonbons anyway!

We rotate their chores but, honestly, they have many free hours to fill with their own activityies... maybe too many free hours in which to utter those most despised words, "I'm bored!". 

Siblings don't get along:

We are radically different in our family...yup, I'll give ya that, and one of the largest big family culture tidbits we have instilled in our children is that their siblings are their friends. Period. After all the other kids go home you still have your brothers and sisters, who are your friends first. So, here's the radically different attitude our children have, ready for it? 

They actually *LIKE* each other!
No, really! 
Quit snickering and rolling your eyes!
 Our children really and truly enjoy each other.
See, told you we were radical!


Friday, February 26, 2016

~*Vacay Part 2*~

Part 2: 

Here are a few other notable highlights:

The Deer Ranch

We got to bottle feed these babies! Sorry, no pics, they are very exuberant feeders and it takes two strong hands to hold that bottle!

It was right about here it started pouring!
 The Icebreaker Mackinaw

Nice curves, Dalton!

Nice muscles Ana!

I love how it says, "Team"....Devin and I are certainly a team!

Someone has a sense of humor

Our friends on a porta-potty break!

Sunshine is steering the wheel

Me giving directions!

Oh my how much weight I've lost!!!
Mama Mia's Pizza (and Museum)

Sunshine trying to be cool for Aaron but we know now it was completely fake/superficial

Can't get me enough of this girl!

Looking for the camera to wave at us!

Carousel Fun!

Fort Michilimacinac 

Preparing the cannon!

The fog rolling in

Fave pic of the day!

Gotcha JJ!

Beautiful blockhouse

Little Dude with a 'tude

He is looking so grown up here!


Can't stop looking at the Mighty Mac!

A picture of me!
Our friends came to the campground for some dinner and fellowship

Super sweet Aaron loving on sissy

Not to be outdone...especially with cameras around

A little peanut

Great kiddo...bad pic!

JJ and Aaron are good buddies

Curious Shawn trying to sneak into the camper

Brandon not sure what to do first

There is excitement in the air and the fakeness comes out in Ana.

Dalton handled things well

Sweet fambly....minus Daddy and baby brother

Nice pic!

Gotcha again JJ

Everyone is so excited when friends visit

Nom Nom Nom! Love this boy!
The Mill

Baby girl with baby curls


Gotcha gorgeous!

Zipline for mini people

Little man with a grand plan

If sissy goes down like this

He goes down like this

She's trying to help but....

He totally disagrees!

Dad's going down....

But something goes awry

At least he's got a fab sense of humor

God I love this man!

And I do it like a lady! 
A few last camping pics

Saying goodbye to Lakes Huron and Michigan

He would run up and jump into my arms
And I would fall back....he laughed so hard!

Kitty saw a face in our neighborly tree
Jeremiah 31:25
I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”