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That much people don’t drink enough water and those who does are not drinking a good quality of water by property valuers Sydney Australia.

“All tap water has chemicals put in it primarily chlorine and fluoride. The level of toxicity of both is incredible. Drinking chlorinated water, wich is virtually all tap water, causes scarring of the arteries. When the arteries are scarred, the LDL cholesterol attaches itself to the artery causing arterioaclerosis.”

“Tap water is absolutely the worst kind of water in the world because virtually all tap water is contaminated.”

“Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals in the world. Fluoride  adversely affects virtually every organ in the body, primarily your thyroid gland. Like in America the  most fluoride in the water the highest obesity rates because people’s metabolism go down”*

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I don’t know about you but I do not believe there are coincidences in this world. More on this in a minute.
I had the blessing last night of attending a Titus 2 conference led by the Maxwell family. It was the quickest conference of property valuation Melbourne and they’ve ever planned (24 hours notice) but it had a nice turnout and we came away so blessed!

I have a blog post coming about how I was inspired later.

Now, back to “coincidence” I experienced last night…I’ll be honest it was purely prophetic that 6 months ago I was walking down a random dirt road near my home on a 5 mile walk with my (then) 4 children when, what appeared to be, a random man pulls his car over and excitedly tells me about himself, his family (about to gain a diverse set of grandchildren) and asks about our, obviously, trans-racial family and offers to allow us the use of the trails on his property. Now, as sweet as the offer was we never had the opportunity to take this man up on it.

Last night a beautiful lady, expecting a wee one in just a few weeks, randomly comes up to speak with me and asks me where I am from upon hearing where I live she tells me she grew up in the same town. In the course of conversation her fathers name comes out and I tuck away the name for future reference. As I sat there in the conference the Lord was working in my heart and mind to connect the dots.

Dots connected and I sought this young lady out after the first conference session to ask her if her father was that random man. She looked at me like I had 2 heads and must have thought I was a nutcase as I asked her if her parents lived on that random dirt road.

They were one in the same. Wow!

I still cannot believe that 6 months ago this random man excitedly tells me about his coming grandchildren (from an African country and another homegrown one). I have wondered about this family of his but never had the chance to learn more…until now!

Isn’t God funny?

There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world!