Fear not, this is not a fitness blog!

However, as fitness begins to take up more residence in my life I have decided that, like many things I'd rather keep quiet about, this is one thing that could likely encourage others. So, I'm coming clean with ya'll...about my sweaty secret obsession!

I wanna be....a runner:

I've been a wannabe runner for years, being sidetracked by two pregnancies and the complications that come from having a blood clotting disorder, several ankle injuries (deltoid ligament tear and sprain), adoption and its various challenges.

False Starts:

Each time I attempt a training program and then stop it feels like a huge failure, however, each false start is just that...a start! While, it feels terrible to restart, again, it also feels good to be moving again. I feel back on track. It gets easier to recover from a false start because it is similar to muscle memory. The body just remembers what to do and getting back to baseline happens quicker each time.

What works:

I met Bobbi McCormick of, {Nhershoes}, via Skinny Runner, who no longer blogs, in June 2013. I had completed the {Joggermom Marathon} in May, Jillian Michaels Shred in June, and was looking for July's challenge. I joined Bobbi's July Shred and it was the perfect fit! I completed July and August and went on vacation. Upon my return I struggled to get back into the routine. While I "joined" the Shreds for Sept and Nov/December, I truly didn't become involved, again, until early 2014.

I added in a {plank challenge} and an {arm challenge}. Also, I finally found a {5K walking/running} program that fits me! I respect C25K greatly, however, it moves too fast for my body and current ability. This program is a 15 week progressive plan that moves at a much slower, steadier pace. It. fits. *ME*!

Running, for some, just comes naturally, like breathing. For the rest of us we must work hard at it. 

Does fitness come easily for you?   

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