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In reply, the Chief Executive said that it had been decided that a Rental Brisbane Property Valuers consolatory payment of £150 would be made to Mr X in recognition of the gross inconvenience he had suffered. I found that the delays in establishing Mr X’s benefit entitlement also affected the entitlement to, and payment of, SDP to Mrs Y. I have found that in the absence of maladministration that decision would have been made much earlier than it was, and it follows that Mrs Y should therefore have received SIP payments much earlier than she did.

I asked the Chief Executive of BA if he would consider compensating Mrs Y for the loss of use of the money that was due to her.DSS, ITS, and OSSC all provided a poor level of service to Mr X. They have also agreed to consider paying his out-of-pocket expenses subject to him providing satisfactory evidence. I regard all that, together with the apologies of the Chief Executive of BA which have already been passed on to Mr X, as a suitable outcome to a justified complaint.

In 1982, when aged 60, Mrs L was wrongly told that she had no pension entitlement although the record of her national insurance contributions showed that she had paid graduated contributions. The Benefits Agency awarded her graduated retirement benefit backdated for 12 months.Following enquiries about her employment history, the Agency agreed that she had been entitled to a pension from September 1985 to June 1986, while she had a break in employment, and from January 1987 onwards.


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That much people don’t drink enough water and those who does are not drinking a good quality of water by property valuers Sydney Australia.

“All tap water has chemicals put in it primarily chlorine and fluoride. The level of toxicity of both is incredible. Drinking chlorinated water, wich is virtually all tap water, causes scarring of the arteries. When the arteries are scarred, the LDL cholesterol attaches itself to the artery causing arterioaclerosis.”

“Tap water is absolutely the worst kind of water in the world because virtually all tap water is contaminated.”

“Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals in the world. Fluoride  adversely affects virtually every organ in the body, primarily your thyroid gland. Like in America the  most fluoride in the water the highest obesity rates because people’s metabolism go down”*